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NanoWeather is a member of an alliance of weather-related companies active in Oklahoma. Fostered by the National Weather Center, this alliance provides its members a means for achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by linking them with one another and the world-class weather and climate programs of the University of Oklahoma.

NanoWeather is recognized internationally as a leader in microclimate research. Our research has led to significant advances in the understanding and prediction of local weather phenomena.


NanoWeather developed the Uncoupled Surface Layer (USL) Model, a revolutionary weather forecasting system capable of predicting near-surface weather with unprecedented resolution and accuracy.

Temperature Forecast Resolution

Temperature Forecast Resolution

Most other near-surface forecasts are based on statistics from airport observations. While this approach can provide reasonable accuracy at airports under typical conditions, the accuracy greatly diminishes with distance from the airport and during periods of unusual weather.

The USL Model is based on physics, not statistics or airport observations. As a result, it can achieve significantly better resolution and accuracy. The benefits are especially dramatic in agricultural and densely populated areas, where accurate forecasts are most valuable.


The USL Model was awarded the grand prize at the 2006 Collegiate Inventors Competition, where it competed against breakthrough inventions in medicine and technology from America's top universities. NanoWeather's strong commitment to research will help us continue to lead the way in developing innovative weather technology for the future.

microclimate forecasts microclimate forecasts
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