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NanoWeather is a developer of new technology for weather analysis and prediction, with a focus on weather information at very small scales. NanoWeather's technology can be licensed by other weather companies to improve their products, or provided directly to companies needing accurate weather forecasts for specific locations.

Farming/Agriculture Forecast
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Through its microclimate forecasting system, the Uncoupled Surface Layer (USL) Model, NanoWeather provides the ultimate in localization for weather-sensitive industries. Forecasts are generated at a horizontal resolution of 90 meters.

Because of the high resolution, the USL Model can predict temperature variations within a particular farm or wind variations across a remote stretch of highway. It can predict when fog is likely to form in a local ravine, or estimate the amount of electricity needed to air-condition a particular building or neighborhood.

Forecasts derived from the USL Model are used by thousands of companies and millions of people worldwide.

Automated Hail Algorithm
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Accurate and timely information about hail size is very important to the roofing and insurance industries. In 2009, when most forensic hail information came from public reports and hand-drawn maps, NanoWeather developed a revolutionary system for accurate, automated hail analysis.

Hail information derived from the Hailscope algorithm is now used by thousands of customers in the roofing and insurance industries.


NanoWeather develops custom weather technology for companies and government agencies around the world, specializing in predicting the "unpredictable" and providing unprecedented accuracy and resolution.

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microclimate forecasts microclimate forecasts
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